The Dogg not engaged…yet

The Dogg, holding his girlfriends hand up in a photo caused quite a stir on the social network Facebook the other day with everyone speculating that The Dogg got engaged. Nosey old pssst! never lets a rumor slide and immediately called The Dogg who said denied the engagement.

The Dogg who laughed at the whole thing said if he got engaged everyone will know immediately and that the photo was probably taken while he was just holding his girlfriends’ hand. Read more about The Dogg not engaged…yet

Junia admits to partying up a storm

Big Brother Africa’s Junia is apparently very confused about what she wants and everyone around her is concerned about her partying ways, a close friend reveals. Read more about Junia admits to partying up a storm

Thee-One accuses Dolla 6 of attacking him

Two of Namibia’s kwaito artists apparently got into a brawl at the Sam Nujom Stadium the other day, with The One alleging that Dolla 6 tried to hit him. Read more about Thee-One accuses Dolla 6 of attacking him

Frieda to perform at NAMAs?

pssst! recently overheard rumours that the other half of popular girl group Gal Level, Frieda Haindaka, will apparently perform her first single at the NAMA awards on April 20. This unconfi rmed rumour has excited a lot of people as everyone is impatiently waiting for Frieda’s first solo offering. A source further reveals that Frieda’s performance was so supposed to be part of the many ‘wow’ factors that organisers have up their sleeve and that the shy Frieda is hard at work working on her solo album. pssst! tried to call Frieda, whose phone went unanswered. Read more about Frieda to perform at NAMAs?

For The Cause theme song released

pssst! recently stumbled across the theme song of the newly formed organisation ‘For the Cause’ and was impressed with the combination of inspiring lyrics and a funky beat. The girls Chi-Chi, Dillish and Maria Nepembe teamed up with Kwaito master The Dogg and Diop for the track.

Dillish described the track as one of the most difficult she has ever done, although she sounds like such a pro on it, doing it effortlessly. Read more about For The Cause theme song released

Arafat and MasZangas allegedly divorced

MasZangas’ nomination success this week has been over overshadowed by rumours doing the rounds that the trio split with their manager and producer, Arafat. Talks that the group and its manager being disgruntled appeared some time ago, an allegation Arafat denied at the time. Anyway, now pssst! has been reliably informed that the group has split with Arafat and the split is expected to get dirty. Pssst! understands that now the group and its manger are fighting over rights to the song Nale. Read more about Arafat and MasZangas allegedly divorced

Rihanna told to stop partying

Rihanna has reportedly been advised by doctors to stop partying because she runs the risk of becoming ill again after she was forced to cancel two live shows due to laryngitis (huskiness or loss of the voice). Read more about Rihanna told to stop partying

Sunny Boy claims his album is the best

The Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) nominations announced recently left some of our most loved local artist feeling cold and alone. Most notably, industry drama king Sunny Boy. Read more about Sunny Boy claims his album is the best

Hott Goss

Poor Hella has not had it easy the last couple of times. No matter how hard she tries to revamp her personality status, it just keeps backfiring. First she celebrated a birthday and pitched with a wedding dress and a tiara.

Then she created Facebook and twitter accounts to discuss everything and everyone to keep herself known but it seems even that backfired this week when a local weekly newspaper slammed her on the same social network for trying too hard to remain relevant. Read more about Hott Goss

Dirty Kandeshi’s Twitter rant

Social networks were abuzz this week after discussions broke out on the new “For the cause” group - formed by trio Nancy Muinjo, Dillish Methus and Maria Nepembe, aka Dirty Kandeshi. Anyway, one radio presenter Kuda LadyK Dzenga congratulated Muinjo for giving back to the community, but wasn’t too excited about Maria’s involvement - leaving a sour taste in the Dirty Kandeshi video vixen’s mouth. The self-proclaimed role model, who wants to inspire young girls, then went on an insult spree and threatened to have LadyK deported. Read more about Dirty Kandeshi’s Twitter rant



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