Fashion Police

Regardless of the occasion

With Fashion Police always on the scene regardless of the occasion, there is absolutely no excuse for not looking the part. The season to explore with colour and different fabrics is finally here. Winter is the
one season where one can wear a lot of clothes and still look perfect. Read more about Regardless of the occasion

Local stars

Last week local stars went all out to look elegant and stylish for the NAMA awards nomination party. Some looked horribly overdressed with the majority looking like bridesmaids and groomsmen. But a few got it right. The secret is to always keep it simple and classy. Read more about Local stars

Simplistic dress sense

A simplistic dress sense takes the emphasis off of your appearance and focuses it onto your personality. Read more about Simplistic dress sense

Mandume Day

Mandume Day, a day to commemorate the death of the Oukwanyama King Mandume Ya Ndemufayo, was also used as an occasion to celebrate and show off rich African traditional wear. While some got it right others were disastrous. Read more about Mandume Day

Fashion Police

The Last Band Standing kicked off last week and oh boy, everyone wanted to look like famous artists. Fashion police spotted two Jimmy Dludlu wannabes.

Fashion Police

If you are hard-pressed to fi nd a new hairstyle, never consult a footballer. They are generally known for having some crazy and outlandish haircuts and the 2013 AFCON showpiece in South Africa is littered with hairstyle disasters

Colour blocking

Colour blocking has become such an eyesore and should have been left in 2012. This season it’s all about looking simple and classy. Black and white or black and red are a safe look, and you can never go wrong when you keep it subtle. Read more about Colour blocking

Family and friends

Family and friends, please be honest to your loved ones when they dress up and go out. When someone asks for your advice, please tell it like it is to avoid them making a fool of themselves by wearing an outfit that screams out to be burned at the stake. Read more about Family and friends

Fashion Police

Today we look at dance moves. I really thought its only in Katutura that you dance and not give a damn who is looking. A wise man once said ‘dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth’. We think today both pics are legal. Read more about Fashion Police

Be responsible with denim

Today the Fashion Police would like to warn you that although denim is versatile, sexy and strong it can also be the source of many fashion crimes. And if you don’t want the Fashion Police to come knocking on your door to drag you away to Fashion Jail, then be responsible with how you choose to wear your denim. Read more about Be responsible with denim



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