March 2013

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Hem: selfless talent in overdrive

The bubbly fashion guru is set to dazzle the country with a collection tonight, with which she hopes to fund UN projects she is involved in.

Namibia’s most celebrated fashion designer, Hem Matsi, is poised to unveil a collection at the National Theatre of Namibia that promises to be a celebration of grace and class. Read more about Hem: selfless talent in overdrive

Local stars

Last week local stars went all out to look elegant and stylish for the NAMA awards nomination party. Some looked horribly overdressed with the majority looking like bridesmaids and groomsmen. But a few got it right. The secret is to always keep it simple and classy. Read more about Local stars

Arafat and MasZangas allegedly divorced

MasZangas’ nomination success this week has been over overshadowed by rumours doing the rounds that the trio split with their manager and producer, Arafat. Talks that the group and its manager being disgruntled appeared some time ago, an allegation Arafat denied at the time. Anyway, now pssst! has been reliably informed that the group has split with Arafat and the split is expected to get dirty. Pssst! understands that now the group and its manger are fighting over rights to the song Nale. Read more about Arafat and MasZangas allegedly divorced

Rihanna told to stop partying

Rihanna has reportedly been advised by doctors to stop partying because she runs the risk of becoming ill again after she was forced to cancel two live shows due to laryngitis (huskiness or loss of the voice). Read more about Rihanna told to stop partying

Sunny Boy claims his album is the best

The Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) nominations announced recently left some of our most loved local artist feeling cold and alone. Most notably, industry drama king Sunny Boy. Read more about Sunny Boy claims his album is the best

Hott Goss

Poor Hella has not had it easy the last couple of times. No matter how hard she tries to revamp her personality status, it just keeps backfiring. First she celebrated a birthday and pitched with a wedding dress and a tiara.

Then she created Facebook and twitter accounts to discuss everything and everyone to keep herself known but it seems even that backfired this week when a local weekly newspaper slammed her on the same social network for trying too hard to remain relevant. Read more about Hott Goss

Britney Spears introduces boyfriend to sons

Britney Spears' boyfriend David Lucado has met her sons Preston, seven and Jayden six, who are from her previous marriage to Kevin Federline. Read more about Britney Spears introduces boyfriend to sons

Let’s produce more local entrepreneurs

Jessica Shikeva

We rely on South Africa and foreign companies too much, because local innovators are too afraid to take risks. What’s the issue with us not wanting to step out of our comfort zone and be entrepreneurs? Sadly, the problem goes far beyond not being interested in starting our own businesses.

The real issue is that young people are never exposed to the idea of working for themselves. Read more about Let’s produce more local entrepreneurs

Gawaseb delivers unique offering


Gawaseb delivers unique offering
Artist Name: Amakhoe Gaweseb
Album title: In Conversations
Producer: Amakhoe Gaweseb
**** Read more about Gawaseb delivers unique offering

Red Sands search for Song of the Month


Red Sands Music Agency is on the lookout for their "Song of the Month"! One artist will be selected each month in April, May and June to receive this honour. Read more about Red Sands search for Song of the Month



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